Will Ripple (XRP) Unleash Itself from The Bear Grip?

Ripple price, like other major altcoins, has been showing varying price fluctuations due to the speculative nature of the crypto market. With the crypto market being still bearish, the price of XRP coin continues to be below the baseline. If we look at the price movement of the past one-month, it shows the Ripple price again sliding in the lower range.

Ripple Price Prediction:

XRP price had a good run before the onset of the bearish phase in the crypto market in July. The coin started the month on a great stride and reached $0.3097 on November 07. It fell on the next day at $0.2726, showing a downward movement to the extent of 11.96%. On November 10, the Ripple price rose to $0.2830. On November 25, the XRP price went on a bearish mode and went below the baseline at $0.2161. The price of Ripple could manage to make a recovery on November 29 when the price reached $0.2311 showing a jump of 6.94%. Currently, Ripple’s price is at $0.2233 showing a downward variation to the tune of 3.37%.

Ripple (XRP) Price Chart

XRP is trying to regain its upward momentum, but with the ongoing bearish phase in the crypto market, the going is not easy for the coin. Analysts are, however, confident in the future of the coin as Ripple has, in the past, shown its mettle at regular intervals.

Current investors should not despair and hold on to their investments as the current bearish sentiment will not give many positive returns. However, day traders can continue to trade as there have been varying price moments for XRP which could give decent gains.

Ripple (XRP) Falls below $0.24; Nears the Lowest of Last Three Months

  • Ripple loses 16.20% in the last 90 days
  • The next halt may come at $0.22

After days of struggle, the Ripple price has finally gone below 0.24 USD, and it makes an overall loss of 16.20% over the last three months. The last 90 days can be divided into four major price shifts in the range between 0.32 USD and 0.22 USD.

Ripple Price Analysis:

XRP coin price was being traded at 0.2765 USD at the opening of August 24, and it got a hike of 15.88% to touch 0.3204 USD by September 18. It was followed by a freefall of 26.73% that cost it 0.0855 USD and pushed Ripple’s price to 0.2344 USD by September 25. From there, XRP coin showed signs of strength, and over the next 42 days, it gained 32.64% to go as high as 0.3109 USD after adding 0.0765 USD. The last variation happened between November 06 & 22, and in these 15 days, Ripple lost 0.0833 USD to touch 0.2276 USD.

Ripple (XRP) Price Chart

Ripple’s 50 days MA stands at 0.2389 USD, and it’s 100 days MA is at 0.2446 USD. The current price at 0.2317 USD is less than both the averages. XRP coin may soon find the support of 0.22 USD.

Ripple (XRP) Resistance and Support Levels
1st Resistance $0.243449
2nd Resistance $0.255298
3rd Resistance $0.264179
1st Support $0.222719
2nd Support $0.213838
3rd Support $0.201989

Ripple’s Last Three Months have been Bearish with a Total Loss of 10.29%

Ripple (XRP) has been down by 10.29% over the last three months. The price trend of three months can be divided into three major swings, and the range of the swings has been between 0.3204 USD and 0.2300 USD.

Ripple Price Analysis

XRP coin was being traded at 0.27 USD on August 23, and over the next 26 days, it got a hike of 18.67% to reach 0.3204 USD. The next variation happened between September 18 & 24, and in these 6 days, Ripple price lost a whopping 28.20% to touch 0.2300 USD. It was followed by a 35.88% hike in the value that took the price to as high as 0.3121 USD by November 07. The last variation happened between November 07 & 21, and in these 14 days, the currency lost another 23.22% that pushed the Ripple price to 0.2397 USD from 0.3121 USD.

Ripple Price

The market cap on August 23 was 11.866 billion USD, and it has been decreased to 10.504 billion USD over these last 90 days. Ripple’s 50 days MA is now at 0.2475 USD, and it’s 100 days MA stands at 0.2504 USD. The current price of XRP coin is 0.2422 USD is less than both the averages.

Ripple (XRP) Resistance and Support Levels
1st Resistance $0.25125
2nd Resistance $0.25874
3rd Resistance $0.26398
1st Support $0.23852
2nd Support $0.23329
3rd Support $0.22580

Ripple Reflects Heavy Fall Since July; XRP Might Recover Soon

Ripple has marked a volatile movement in the year-long chart. The currency registered regression in the first quarter but jumped tremendously in the second quarter.

From the third quarter onwards, the fall embarked on the coin. In the current quarter, XRP coin has reflected a slight recovery. There is high speculation for the coin to remain intact and close the year with a profitable digit.

Ripple Price Analysis

The XRP coin started dealing at $0.38683. The price slipped to $0.3202 by 17.21% in January.

In February, the coin remained tight around $0.324 and reflected 1.12% escalation.

In March, the price dropped to $0.314 by 3.14%. The first quarter closed with regression of 18.82%.

However, the escalation started in April. The price counters moved from $0.314 to $325 by 3.43%.

In May, Ripple price jumped to $0.439 by 35.17%.

In June, the price registered a fall. The price counter touched $0.397 by 9.96%.

Despite heavy fall, the coin booked escalation of 25.71% in the second quarter.


In July, the downtrend continued that started in June. The month-long run registered regression of 19.33% as the XRP price was at $0.321.

In August, Ripple slipped to $0.260 by 19.21%. In September, Ripple was trading around $0.257 and marked a 2.30% loss.

In October, the currency jumped to $0.295 from $0.257 by 14.65%.

Ripple has again dropped in November month. In the 20-days run the price counter has reached to $0.253.

XRP coin is anticipated to give a positive result in the future. For intraday traders, the currency is likely to bring profit.

The price of Ripple is heading towards the immediate resistance level at $0.261. Ripple is expected to give best results to long-term traders.

Resistance Level Price Support Level Price
R1 $0.261052 S1 $0.24946
R2 $0.265603 S2 $0.242419
R3 $0.272644 S3 $0.237868

Ripple (XRP) Loses 6.45% Value Over the Last Week

Ripple had opened the week at 0.2789 USD, and over the last seven days, it has lost 6.45%. There have been three major price variations, and they are in the range between 0.2806 USD and 0.2574 USD.

Ripple Price Prediction

Ripple’s first variation of the week started on November 11, and over the next 3 days, XRP lost 5.95% to reach 0.2639 USD from 0.2806 USD. On November 14, it started showing weakness again, and by the next day, it lost another 3.92% value and reached the bottom of the week at 0.2574 USD. The last swing happened between November 15 & 17, and in these 2 days, XRP coin gained 0.0085 USD and reached 0.2659 USD.

Ripple Price Chart

Ripple’s market cap on November 11 was 11.910 billion USD, and in these seven days with much volatility, the market cap has shown a marginal decline. It is currently at 11.420 billion USD.

The XRP coin’s 20 days average is now at 0.2617 USD, and it’s 50 days average is 0.2625 USD. Looking at the averages, it can easily be said that Ripple may not find good and easy days ahead. Yet, it may find a halt at 0.2622 USD soon.

Ripple Indicates Improvement in the Last Quarter

Ripple price has been suffering for a long time. The situation is not only threatening for XRP but for all the coins as the market is quite volatile. Well, amid the fluctuation, the currency is reflecting improvement signs. Today, Ripple is reflecting downtrend again. The same is anticipated to improve with time.

Ripple Price Prediction

The YTD chart is reflecting a heavy fall in the price of XRP coin. In January, Ripple started the year with a loss of 15.89% as the price slipped from $0.3773 to $0.3174. February reflected a slight uptrend of 1.07%. In March, the coin again fell by 2.67%. The price counters switched from $0.3208 to $0.3122. In the first quarter, Ripple price experienced a fall. From the beginning of the next quarter, there was clear uptrend spotted. The price jumped from $0.3122 to $0.3270 by 4.73%. In May, Ripple price escalated to $0.4409 by 34.84%. In June, the price fell to $0.4080 by 7.45%. Further, July registered a heavy fall. The XRP coin price slipped from $0.4080 to $0.3238 by 20.64%.

In August, the price counters continued to fall and went down to $0.25861. The same trend remained intact in September too. Ripple price touched $0.2411 with a 6.4% regression. The last quarter has just begun. In October, the coin reflected an uptrend by 22.53%. The XRP price jumped to $0.2955 from $0.2411. However, the price is back to $0.2756.

Ripple Price

Ripple has given favorable results to traders in the past. The coin went to $0.0480 during the year whereas, now, the price is at $0.275. There is strong anticipation that the coin would shine again in the future.

The traders interested in XRP coin are recommended to pick long-term investment. The short-term investment might not be giving the desired result; hence, we wouldn’t vote for the same.