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If you want to buy XRP, then this guide may be helpful for you. Buying XRP can be done in two ways. The first one being through cryptocurrency exchange like Kraken or CEX.IO, and the other method is via brokers who offer a contract of differences. You can buy XRP in the following steps:

a. XRP Wallet– You have to open a digital wallet to buy Ripple via exchanges. There are few websites like that you can visit to open a digital wallet.

b. Opening account– Now, you have to open an account with an exchange that supports XRP like CEX.IO and Changelly.

c. Verify the account– You need to verify your details before starting trading.

d. Buy XRP-After login, search for XRP/USD to buy the coin. After purchasing, withdraw your XRP to the digital wallet that you have opened in the starting.


To trade XRP, you need to have a good knowledge. There are a few steps that you must follow to trade XRP:

a. Open an account – Choose your crypto broker, which offers a simple and secure platform along with narrow price spreads.

b. Deposit funds – Depending on the brokers’ guidelines, you can make deposits via debit card, credit card, bank transfers, PayPal, etc.

c. Plan a good trading strategy – There are many ways to execute a trade, and you need to decide which strategy works best for you. You can opt for day trading where you can buy and sell XRP on the same day. Swing trading is a short term trading, which is a little longer than one-day trading. This may attract overnight fees.

Another way to trade is scalping, where you can take advantage of market inefficiencies and price differences offered by brokers to produce profits, e.g., spread and arbitrage scalping.

d. Place your trade – Now that you have done all your research, it’s time to make your first trade.