Price speculation

Moody’s recent research shows that Blockchain standards are going to increase by 2021, and XRP is the fourth-largest cryptocurrency, which will show impressive developments by 2021. Looking at the price trends, experts have predicted that XRP will enter into countless partnerships with the financial institutions and by 2021.

How high can XRP go in Price?

How much XRP is going to cost at the end of the year is a lively debate. It’s possible that the price of Ripple coin is associated with the performance of Bitcoin. Last year, its value came down by 45% from $0.35 to $0.19 in just a period of one year.

Experts believe that Ripple may show impressive hike by the end of the year. It may give tough competition to other currencies like Dash, and Litecoin.

Key prices in XRPs history

XRP is getting popular among investors. Although it hasn’t performed well till now, the technology on which it is based makes it to stand apart. Currently, it is trading around $0.17, but like other cryptocurrencies, it varies a lot. Its highest value happened in January 2018, where it saw a significant growth of 740.41% and its price went over $3.

a. The hype - The team behind XRP consist of professionals who started building strategic partnerships to establish a significant base of customers, which raised its hype and caused a price hike in January 2018.

b. Crypto holders- There are crypto holders who hold vast amounts of certain cryptos who affect the price of XRP.