Ripple (XRP) Exhibits Dramatic Movement Over the Month

Ripple cryptocurrency was exhibiting marginal upsurge in the last ten days of January. The upward momentum strengthened during the beginning of February. The same helped XRP coin to breach $0.339. However, the currency couldn’t stay untouched by selling pressure. We are positive that the coin would begin the recovery soon. The first quarter of 2020 […]

Will Ripple (XRP) Unleash Itself from The Bear Grip?

Ripple price, like other major altcoins, has been showing varying price fluctuations due to the speculative nature of the crypto market. With the crypto market being still bearish, the price of XRP coin continues to be below the baseline. If we look at the price movement of the past one-month, it shows the Ripple price […]

Ripple (XRP) Falls below $0.24; Nears the Lowest of Last Three Months

Ripple loses 16.20% in the last 90 days The next halt may come at $0.22 After days of struggle, the Ripple price has finally gone below 0.24 USD, and it makes an overall loss of 16.20% over the last three months. The last 90 days can be divided into four major price shifts in the […]

Ripple’s Last Three Months have been Bearish with a Total Loss of 10.29%

Ripple (XRP) has been down by 10.29% over the last three months. The price trend of three months can be divided into three major swings, and the range of the swings has been between 0.3204 USD and 0.2300 USD. Ripple Price Analysis XRP coin was being traded at 0.27 USD on August 23, and over […]

Ripple Reflects Heavy Fall Since July; XRP Might Recover Soon

Ripple has marked a volatile movement in the year-long chart. The currency registered regression in the first quarter but jumped tremendously in the second quarter. From the third quarter onwards, the fall embarked on the coin. In the current quarter, XRP coin has reflected a slight recovery. There is high speculation for the coin to […]

Ripple (XRP) Loses 6.45% Value Over the Last Week

Ripple had opened the week at 0.2789 USD, and over the last seven days, it has lost 6.45%. There have been three major price variations, and they are in the range between 0.2806 USD and 0.2574 USD. Ripple Price Prediction Ripple’s first variation of the week started on November 11, and over the next 3 […]

Ripple Indicates Improvement in the Last Quarter

Ripple price has been suffering for a long time. The situation is not only threatening for XRP but for all the coins as the market is quite volatile. Well, amid the fluctuation, the currency is reflecting improvement signs. Today, Ripple is reflecting downtrend again. The same is anticipated to improve with time. Ripple Price Prediction […]